About Us

We stand Shoulder to Shoulder to create a place where heaven and earth intersect; in businesses, social service, government and non-profit organizations in Chicago.


We do this by visiting organizations and praying with their senior leadership and staff.  The purpose is to understand people’s hopes, dreams and desires, and then creating a space for a connection between heaven and earth – a space where God’s presence is real and tangible, and we hear His voice. To schedule a visit from our prayer team, click here.


Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, meaning that it is right here, right now.  It is not just a future destination for those that live according to God’s purposes, but is - importantly - a present reality today and is accessible in our day to day lives.  Jesus also prayed for things on earth to be as they are in heaven.  In heaven, there is no lack, no sickness, no anxiety and no fear, so we pray like Jesus prayed for that to be the reality here. To read some testimonies, click here.


We believe that God loves His children, and those children spend most of their days at work, not in church, so we focus on releasing God’s presence in our day-to-day lives.  This results in a direct partnership with His ideas, resources and voice to speak into our current situations.  It demonstrates the Kingdom of Heaven in our present situations and the love of the Father for each of us.


This results in people who are empowered to dream big again, souls that are refreshed, faith that is restored for the impossible, and everyone involved walks away with a deeper sense of the Father’s love for them.